talks & presentations


“Solidarity in Vulnerability: Abortion Funds and Everyday Modes of Resistance” at ASA (American Studies Association), Montréal, Québec, November 2023
** honorable mention for the Gene Wise-Warren Susman Prize, which recognizes the best paper presented by a graduate student at the annual meeting of the ASA

“‘The Courts Will Not Save Us’: Abortion Funds as Everyday Resistance” at NWSA (National Women’s Studies Association), Baltimore, MD, October 2023

“Weaponizing Ultra/Sound: Anti-Abortion Constructions of Fetal Citizenship” at the Bavarian American Academy International Summer Academy, Lexington, KY, June 2023

“‘Stop Telling Women to Smile’: Sound, Consent, and Everyday Sexism” at MLA (Modern Language Association), San Francisco, CA, January 2023


“Listening Otherwise: The Sonic Politics of the U.S. Abortion Wars” at AAA (American Anthropological Association), as part of panel on “Anthropology Beyond Resistance” (discussant Louise Lamphere), Baltimore, MD, November 2021

Panelist at Take Root Reproductive Justice Conference, virtual, October 2021

“Voice for the Voiceless: The Soundtrack of the U.S. Abortion Wars, 1980–2020” at ASA (American Studies Association), virtual, October 2021

“Nonconsensual Listening, Everyday Sexism, and the Mundanity of Trauma,” at Music, Sound, and Trauma international conference, virtual, February 2021


“Sonic Resistance and Silent Refusal: The Aural Politics of U.S. Anti-Abortion Protests,” at Music & Resistance international conference, virtual, December 2020

“The Sonic Politics of U.S. Anti-Abortion Protests,” at SAM (Society for American Music), virtual, July 2020 (originally scheduled for Minneapolis, Minnesota, March 2020)


“Sonic Patriarchy at U.S. Anti-Abortion Protests,” at ASA (American Studies Association), Honolulu, Hawaii, November 2019

“Sounds of Life: Fetal Heartbeat Bills & the Politics of Animacy,” at AMS (American Musicological Society), Boston, Massachusetts, November 2019

“Sonic Patriarchy in the Neoliberal University” at #MeToo in the Humanities round table on Gender & Sexual Politics in the Humanities, Stony Brook, New York, March 2019


Organizer, Northeast Regional Clinic Escort Conference, New York, New York, July 2018

Moderator of round table, “Disability as a Reproductive Justice Issue,” at Northeast Regional Clinic Escort Conference, New York, New York, July 2018

“Sounding Sanctuary and Refusal at U.S. Abortion Clinics,” presented at New York University, New York, New York, February 2018


“Doom & Womb: Listening to Pregnancy in Éliane Radigue’s Biogenesis,” presented at the Society for Minimalist Music’s Sixth International Conference on Music & Minimalism, Knoxville, Tennessee, June 2017


“Annea Lockwood’s Temporality of Spatiality,” presented at nief norf research summit, Knoxville, Tennessee, June 2016

Panelist, “Is the Album Review Dead?” at Tallinn Music Week’s Music Industry Conference, Tallinn, Estonia, April 2016