about me

I’m a writer, educator, and feminist activist currently teaching and doing research at the University of Kentucky. For nearly a decade I have devoted my time to studying (and strategizing against) the ongoing proliferation of anti-abortion violence and reproductive injustice in the United States. My dissertation examines the anti-abortion movement’s weaponization of sound, affect, rhetoric, and pseudo-science, focusing on their arsenal of political tactics operating at the level of the everyday. Through my research, pedagogy, and advocacy work, I am passionate about contributing feminist interdisciplinary activist-scholarship that is grounded in a commitment to community collaborations and to dismantling intersectional vectors of oppression.

I have a BA in music from New York University, where my studies were funded by an Elizabeth Claster memorial scholarship among others. After graduating, I worked at RILM Abstracts of Music Literature and the New York Review of Books. I later earned my MA in ethnomusicology from Stony Brook University, where my work was supported by a Graduate Council Fellowship and a John Marburger Scholarship in Music Award. As a scholar and music critic, I am probably most well-known either for coining the term “sonic patriarchy” in 2018 or for writing a semi-viral negative review of a contemporary classical music festival in 2017. (I also interviewed Marina Abramović, which I personally find much more notable.)

My publications include peer-reviewed journal articles as well as a policy brief and a decade’s worth of freelance music criticism. My primary research interests include reproductive justice, rightwing social movements, affect theory, biopolitical theory, drone music, and rock music.

Courses I have taught as instructor of record include: “Gender, Sex, & Rock Music” in fall 2023; “Health, History, & Human Diversity” in spring 2024; and multiple sections of UK’s intro-level composition & communication requirement.

In addition to my academic and journalistic endeavors, I’ve served as a case manager for an abortion fund since January 2018 and as a clinic escort at an abortion clinic since January 2016. I also enjoy playing piano (badly), promoting the queer agenda, watching college football (War Eagle), and leaving post-it notes in library books.